Cavitation of lipo ( liposuction without scalpel) or non-invasive elimination of fat cells. Thanks to the modern achievements of medicine, the circumference of 3 to 8 cm is lost after a treatment .

It can be used to reduce the circumference of selected body parts, eliminate obesity, break cellulite and perform slimming diets on the face.

The device is equipped with three heads to interrupt and fragment fat cells and a series of heads with infrared striped tissue for removal from the body. It also has a special head to thin the face.



⭐ Cavitation that is

Cavitation is a physical phenomenon that occurs when low-frequency acts are ultrasound in a fat cell and, therefore, the fat cells in the oscillation vibrate and break.

The cell membrane becomes permeable through gas bubbles that form inside the cell and the fat stored in the cell escapes into the intercellular space.

From there, the fat is transported through the lymphatic system to the liver, where it decomposes in a few days. Empty fat cells are digested by macrophages (phagocytes)

Especially in certain areas of the body, such as the abdomen, legs, buttocks and face, sports activities and diets usually do not work as you want.

Depending on individual requirements, the number and duration of treatments required varies.

You can achieve a remarkable result in our experience in 3-10 sessions at 20-40 min each. To achieve the desired results, however, additional treatments may be necessary.

The different methods of cavitation.


⭐ The lipo Cavitation

This form of cavitation works through low frequency ultrasound and a vacuum mechanism. This very gentle form of cavitation allows the fat cells in the subcutaneous tissue to explode in a controlled manner.

The result is a mixture of water and fat that is subsequently transported through the lymphatic system or used as energy in the liver.

On average, you need to see treatments on the abdomen, buttocks, hips or arms. Cavitation can be used after adequate training not only by doctors, but also by beauticians, since only low frequency ultrasound is used.


⭐LipoSonix Cavitation

On the other hand, in the case of cavitation with LipoSonix, high frequency ultrasound waves are used, so they can only be used by doctors.

High frequency ultrasonic waves generate concentrated heat in the fatty tissue beneath the skin. So the fat cells are permanently damaged.

Then the body excretes them in a normal healing process. With this method of cavitation, you should already achieve a reduction of the circumference of up to three centimeters in a single session.

The final result can be seen after eight to twelve weeks. Strictly speaking, the LipoSonix procedure is not a cavitation in the true meaning of the word, since the rash is caused by mechanical damage to fat cells due to heat.


Cavitation Lipo areas to treat

  • Hanging arms
  • Skin hanging on your knees
  • loose skin between the thighs
  • Loose skin after childbirth, rapid weight loss after liposuction
  • Degradation of body fat, slimming.

It is also ideal for:

  • Outlined
  • Tensioning the skin
  • Stimulate blood circulation
  • Nourish the skin
  • Improvement of the elasticity of the skin.
  • Stimulate the metabolism
  • Cellulite disorder

lipo cavitation


⭐Contraindications of Cavitation Lipo

  • Disorders of the neuromuscular.
  • Pregnancy
  • Pacemakers, metal implants.
  • Lactation
  • Liver disease (hepatitis, cirrhosis).
  • Renal disease
  • Tinnitus
  • Advanced diseases


Lipo Cavitation Treatment

The radiofrequency device shoots high frequency ultrasound at 40000 Hz through an extremely powerful ultrasound transducer that can quickly adjust fat cells to vibrate, eliminating vacuum pockets inside and outside cells.

The vibrations that occur strongly affect the fat cells, causing cracks in the inner cell membrane, which can break the membranes of fat cells.

Then, under the influence of the elastic wave of 0.5 MHz, the content of the cells is brought to a liquid form, with the simultaneous rupture of the extension of the cell membrane.

The movements that result from the release are produced by the pulse of infrared light and a source of effluent in the body and allow it to reach metabolic processes through the circulation of the liver.


Benefits of lipo cavitation

The effects are remarkable after the first treatment, but for complete satisfaction it is advisable to use the series. The number of treatments depends directly on the starting point and expectations.


Cryolipolysis EVO

Cryolipolysis is a method by which fatty tissue cools to cause disintegration ( lipolysis ).The result of the treatment is the reduction of body fat.

The purpose of radio wave treatment is to deliver an electrical wave to the deepest layers of the skin.

It reaches all points of the skin and causes the generation of thermal energy that stimulates the internal ions of the body, which produces a renewal of the surface of the skin, softens the skin, eliminates wrinkles and restores the elasticity and shine of the skin. skin. the skin.

An ultrasound liposuction works on the basis of ultrasound. With a properly selected frequency and power, the phenomenon of cavitation in the tissue arises, causing damage to the cell membrane and releasing from the fat cells the accumulation of glycerin and fatty acids that have accumulated in them.


The cryolipolysis device

It is a method to cool the fatty tissue and cause its disintegration (lipolysis). The result of the treatment is the reduction of body fat.

Due to the freezing of lipids, fat cells are released and transported through the lymphatic system. Lipids in fat cells are crystallized at higher temperatures than other hydrated cells.

Cryolipolysis only destroys fat cells and saves other tissues such as skin or muscles and nerves. A special treatment head is placed in the desired area from which we want to eliminate the desired fat.

The treatment head is vacuum and sucks the respective tissue and extracts heat from the cells corresponding to the selected treatment profile.

The sensors integrated in the treatment are connected to the control panel to constantly monitor and regulate cooling. The main goal of the treatment is to cool the fat cells to kill them.

Frozen fat cells are gradually removed and excreted from the body to the natural target, so that the thickness of body fat decreases from week to week after treatment.

The procedure is carried out in departments specialized in cosmetic treatments.



The function of the Radiofrequency device is to deliver an electric wave to the deepest layers of the skin. It reaches all points of the skin and causes the generation of thermal energy that stimulates the internal ions of the body.

The electric wave accelerates the movement of colloidal particles and causes vibration or friction to generate thermal energy. At the same time, the collagen tissue in the epidermis is heated by the polarization of the molecules.

Heating the collagen tissue between 45 and 60 degrees causes the contraction of the tissue to produce more collagen. The free space is filled with shrinkage or loss of collagen proteins.

This results in the renewal of the surface of the skin, smoothing the skin, eliminating wrinkles, restoring the elasticity and shine of the skin.


Ultrasonic liposuction (without scalpel)

When using an ultrasonic wave, the device breaks down fat deposits and cellulite. With ultrasound, with a properly selected frequency and power, the cause of cavitation in the tissue is causing, causing damage to the cell membrane and fat.

The released triglycerides, fats and derivatives are transported to the liver, where they are treated identically to the fat derived from food.

In this way, we can eliminate excess fat from the selected areas, for example, B. waist, hips, arms or knees.


Lipo Laser

Lipo Laser: innovative diode laser technology for the fractional reduction of fatty tissue. An excellent solution for patients who want to reduce their body size by a few centimeters.

Uses of the treatments: shape the figure, reduce adipose tissue or reduce cellulite. Lipo Laser is a 3D cold laser laser diode whose efficacy has been confirmed by numerous clinical tests.

The functional principle is the biostimulation of natural metabolic channels with red light up to 650 nm.



Cavi-Lipo is a new technology. Cavi-Lipo uses ultrasound to completely destroy fat cells.

What makes Cavi-Lipo effective is called interference, which in ultrasound contexts involves sending ultrasonic impulses obliquely and in disorder under the skin, which facilitates access to fat cells.

Ultrasound waves are effective up to 15 mm below the skin, where they can dissolve fat cells, while other types of cells, such as skin and blood vessels, are only affected by increased circulation. In other words, a painless and completely harmless technique.


Cavi-Lipo advantages

Cavi-Lipo has great advantages over other techniques such as surgical liposuction, Cavi-Lipo technology makes its way into the body from the outside and leaves to smooth and orderly result.

Fat trickling eliminates whole fat cells, which means that the weight gain in the treated area becomes more difficult.

We are constantly working to improve our methods and now we can offer a holistic concept for those who want to get rid of unwanted fat.

We all have certain problem areas that we are less proud of:

  • Stomach
  • arms
  • Thorn
  • rude
  • Buttocks

To name a few. Cavi-lipo also works on breasts! While many women want to have bigger breasts, there are others who want the opposite.

In a mammary reduction with plastic surgery, the fat cells are eliminated, but also the mammary tissue.

Cavi-Lipo only removes the fat cells in and around the bust and, therefore, the glands are not damaged. That is, there is no surgical procedure!

No scars
No pain
No swelling
No sensation or tissue damage.
No effect on breastfeeding ability.
There is no sick leave.
There is no rehabilitation period.
There is no anesthesia.

Ultrasonic cavitation

The concept of fat reduction «Ultrasonic cavitation» is based on three pillars: free fatty acids, drain and use them for energy consumption.

It combines the modern and clinically proven ultrasound technique with apparent drainage, passive sport with electric muscle stimulation and vibration, as well as an adapted nutritional behavior. It is ideally adaptable to individual needs and physical conditions.


Ultrasound treatment

Ultrasound treatment is a safe, non-invasive and, therefore, painless procedure. It is based on the effect of «low frequency ultrasonic waves» along with the so-called stable cavitation.

Compared to «high frequency ultrasound», «low frequency ultrasound» in the tissue physically develops a greater depth of penetration with less absorption by the connective tissue.

Shaping the body

Fast and sustainable bodyshaping with the gentle 3 phase procedure. Cavitation / Virtual Liposuction / Lipoclasia.

Cavitation, also called liposuction or virtual lipoclasia, is a particularly mild and low-effect method to permanently destroy fat cells.

High intensity and low frequency ultrasound waves, combined with pressure massage, cause so much stress in the cell membrane that it breaks. The destroyed cellular material is collected by the lymphatic system and transported.

Optimal results are achieved in a 3-stage procedure. The heat treatment liquefies the fat and prepares the fat cells for later cavitation.

  • Cavitation destroys fat cells.
  • The lymphatic drainage later guarantees that the destroyed cellular material is eliminated more quickly and specifically.
  • Cavitation offers a new way to change the contour of the body in just three sessions. As a general rule, size reductions are evident after the first session.


Radiofrequency Termolipolisis

Loss of fat and anti-aging without surgical intervention. An innovation in the field of beauty treatments is dual radiofrequency therapy.

Almost the same treatment results are achieved non-invasively as with surgical methods, for example, liposuction.

However, at a significantly lower procedure intensity, without side effects and prolonged healing phases.

When radiofrequency waves encounter resistance, the energy released is transformed into heat that enters the subcutaneous tissue.

A previously applied cream protects the epidermis and relieves minimal temporary heating.

This increases the degradation, especially the large volume of fat cells and guarantees a standardization of the tissue structure. This achieves a reduction in the typical appearance of orange peel.

In addition, local heating causes the collagen fibers to contract. This leads to tightening and smoothing the skin. In addition, it has a stimulating effect on the regeneration of collagen and, therefore, increases the elasticity and elasticity of the skin.



Fast and easy weight loss with the innovative cooling process. Do you exercise regularly, eat healthy and well balanced, and yet, are you satisfied with your figure?

Stubborn, local fat pads in the stomach, legs, back, waist or arms remain problematic for the problem areas of ambitious athletes that can hardly be overcome.

Fat cells are particularly susceptible to cold. The Cryolipolysis is the modern method of success to permanently reduce body fat in specific sites.

The innovative cooling technology helps to lose weight and, locally, causes the death of fat cells.

You can simply remove the annoying stomachs, the «love handles» and the «jockey pants», the annoying wrinkles of bacon on the back or arms and much more to model the body of your dreams.


Microdermabrasion (MDA)

High quality scrub with diamonds. The diamond microdermabrasion (MDA) is a variant of Dermocell method. As a mechanical peel with high precision diamond heads, it is suitable for any type of skin.

In addition to removing dead particles from the skin, it serves to stimulate the deeper layers of the skin, which produces more and more collagen.

Effects contraindications. Optimization of the stretch of the skin. Reduction of the depth of wrinkles. Better skin absorption Activation of the body’s own production of collagen and elastin.