The cavitation machines allow to eliminate the fat that is located in certain areas of the body.

This technique of aesthetics has reaped very good results since its inception, so due to its benefits and benefits we can consider it as a beauty team highly recommended to equip your beauty center.

Its ease of use, together with its non-invasive treatment, has meant that it is used both professionally and domestically. For this reason, we offer advice to solve all doubts and questions regarding Cavitation.

cavitation machine


Cavitation Machine for Sale

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The team uses ultrasound technology to work on adipose tissue and results in a «»hole effect».

That is, the cavitation effect, the non-invasive fat jet, is the technological progress of new achievements in the field of fat-soluble thinning.

Our cavitation effectively breaks the problems of stubborn fat and adipose cellulitis. Focus on the high-energy sound waves. Cavitation effect.


Cavitation Machine For Home Use

It is necessary that the cavitation machines comply with safety and hygiene standards to guarantee the best application of the treatment.

However, this security is given to us by an equipment endorsed by professionals and specialized clinics.

The cavitation machines, or cavitadores, are in charge of creating the ultrasound that the fat cells of the body will reach.

The process is something complex that can seem simple seeing the size of some of the models of those machines. like those for home use, portable and at home


What is cavitation?

Cavitation is one of the best aesthetic body treatments that exist today. Through the use of low frequency ultrasound, the cavitation machine allows to eliminate that fat that is located in certain parts of our body.

The effect of ultrasound helps break down and dissolve adipose cells, without damaging the rest of the body’s components.

Later, liquefied fat goes directly to stop in the bloodstream, and it goes to the purifying and draining organs of our body, favoring its elimination through urine and other routes of excretion.


Cavitation Results

The objective or purpose sought with cavitation is not to lose weight, but to mold the body.

This treatment can help those people who can not eliminate localized fat with diet, exercise or other aesthetic treatment.


How does Cavitation work?

The cavitation machine generates inside the adipose tissue a series of vacuum microbubbles that allow breaking the adipocytes and safely eliminate the fat located in some areas of our body.

The adipose cell is transformed into liquid after breaking. Subsequently, it will be eliminated from the body through the lymphatic system.

Before using the cavitation machine, the professional should apply a special gel in the area to be treated for the best transmission of the ultrasound.

Then, through the touch panel of the equipment, the maniple that will be used, the intensity to be used and the duration of the session will be established.


What Cavitation Machine Buy?

Quirumed has professional cavitation and cavitation equipment at home to perform a correct fat reduction treatment.

All the equipment complies with the regulations and regulations required to be able to carry out such treatment successfully.

The differences between the two types of cavitation equipment are minimal and are reduced to the class of handles they incorporate, the accessories that are included or the established programs, mainly for domestic models.

Regarding the frequency of cavitation, both home and professional devices emit waves with an established frequency of 40 Khz.

This frequency is optimal to reduce cellulite and firm the skin of the area with localized fat.

Before performing the treatment, regardless of the type of cavitation equipment, the professional or the individual, should apply a conductive gel so that the ultrasound work.


Professional Cavitation

Professional cavitation equipment stands out for offering the specialist different treatment options.

That is to say, the professional teams, in addition to the handle intended for cavitation, incorporate other heads that allow carrying out other treatments such as facial and / or body radiofrequency or even vacuum.

It is important to note that the maniples can not be used simultaneously in the patient.

The operation is simple. In most cases, the specialist, depending on the localized fat, the area to be treated and the type of patient.

Will be responsible for establishing on the equipment panel the maniple that will be used, the intensity that will Apply and the time it will last the treatment. In other cases, you can use some of the preset programs that the team has.

The time spent on treatment also differs if we use professional models. In this sense, for the results to be more effective, the professional will spend approximately 40 minutes.


Cavitation at Home

On the other hand, cavitation equipment at home uses the same wave frequency as professional models, but the duration of the treatment is shorter.

In this case, the different programs that the team incorporates usually last between 15 and 20 minutes.

Each team is configured with a series of established programs, so that the user only has to select the one that best suits their needs and start using it.

To know which is the ideal program, the user has a DVD with information about the equipment and the different types of programs that can be applied.

The cavitation maniples can emit the waves continuously or pulsed. The continuous emission is used for areas of the body where there is a lot of fat and the surface to be treated is wide.

With this type of emission, more heat is produced, enhancing the effect of cavitation.

For its part, the pulsed emission is used for small areas of fat, because although we increase the intensity of the ultrasound, the temperature will not rise, thus enhancing the cavitation effect of the treatment.


Cavitation what is it used for?

Cavitation is especially indicated to eliminate localized fat from our body.

In any case, for the results of this technique to be effective they must be accompanied by a healthy, varied and balanced diet and a regular practice of physical exercise.


Cavitation Benefits

  • Painless and non-invasive treatment.
  • It does not require any type of anesthesia or sedative, nor does it go through the operating room.
  • Results visible from the first treatment sessions.
  • Elimination of fatty nodules that appear both on the surface and in deeper areas of the skin.
  • Very versatile treatment, since it is possible to apply in
  • various types of tissues and areas of the body.
  • It allows to stretch the skin while the treatment is being performed.
  • The fat can be eliminated easily and simply through the lymphatic system.
  • Elimination of cellulite and orange peel.

The cavitation treatment has no side effects for the patient. The frequency of emission (40 Khz) only acts on the accumulated fat in a part of the body.

In this way, the rest of the tissues are protected and undamaged.

In addition, the handpiece of the cavitation equipment is designed so that it does not burn the skin or cause other problems related to the heat it emits.

Finally, mention that the breakdown of fatty acids in shorter and simpler structures favors the metabolization and elimination of said fat without affecting the blood.


Who can perform a Cavitation?

There is some ignorance about the effect that is achieved with cavitation.

A large number of people think that their main use is to lose weight, and this is not the case.

This technique will allow us to reduce volume. To reduce weight, we must practice sports and make a healthy diet.

Cavitation is a treatment used by beauticians and health professionals to reduce localized fat.

Thin people can use this technique to shape and redefine their body. The same goes for people who exercise regularly and want to eliminate that small amount of fat that they can not eliminate with exercise.

For their part, those people who have a greater volume of fat in a specific area of ​​their body, may also undergo this type of treatment, but in this case, it is advisable that before starting it carry out a diet to eliminate fat more superficial.


Cavitation Contraindications

The use of cavitation is not indicated to be applied in areas of the body near lymph nodes, bone structures or sensitive organs such as the head, reproductive organs, etc.

In this case, other types of treatments must be applied. In addition, cavitation can not be applied to people with:

  • Circulatory problems
  • Cutaneous infections
  • Prosthesis.
  • Pacemaker.
  • Infectious processes
  • Cholesterol (medicated)
  • Diabetes (medicated)
  • Liver failure.
  • Pregnancy.
  • IUD carriers.
  • Osteoporosis.
  • Serious diseases such as tumors, asthma, venous thrombosis, varicose veins.
  • Thyroid, cancer, epilepsy.
  • Heart disease.
  • Blood pressure.

Cavitation How many sessions

The number of cavitation sessions required varies depending on the patient and the area to be treated.

To obtain good results, aesthetic specialists recommend performing between 6 and 12 sessions.

Between sessions, a three-day break is recommended so that the body is able to eliminate liquefied fat completely. In each of them, it is usual to reduce the volume of the treated area by 2 cm.

A cavitation session lasts approximately 40 minutes. This time is indicated only for one area of ​​the body.

In addition, once the session is finished, some type of drainage technique will be used, such as a massage or a pressotherapy session, to eliminate fat and prevent the body from reabsorbing the fat again.

Cavitation in Combination with Other Treatments

There are certain treatments that can help improve the effects or results of cavitation.

The radiofrequency will help us to give the skin greater elasticity, while the pressotherapy will contribute with its stimulation of the circulatory system to eliminate excess fat more quickly.

In Quirumed you can find cavitation, pressure therapy and radiofrequency equipment to equip your aesthetic clinic and offer your clients a more complete service.

What is the frequency that a cavitation machine should have?

Although in most cases we are not interested in knowing other information about the operation of a cavitador, the truth is that the purchase of these machines has become popular for home use.

Therefore, it is important to know that the frequency in which a cavitation equipment works is between 20 and 70 kHz.

Since a greater frequency will not be effective since it creates smaller bubbles that do not create the desired effect in the molecules with which they are.

In the opposite case, with frequencies lower than those recommended, the bubbles will be of a much larger size and their impact, although there is a smaller amount of bubbles, may be of risk for the person being treated.

These data are totally necessary to make a «free» use of these machines. In summary, the established frequency must be between 30 and 50 kHz to guarantee a correct and healthy application of the treatment.

Another concept that occurs in the case of cavitating devices is knowing the power that must be applied.

It is directly related to the frequency given that a smaller amount of it, means less power and vice versa.


Is it normal for the cavitation machine to beep?

When talking about ultrasound, we deal with sound waves that should not be heard by patients.

However, it is possible some machines do emit a kind of small beeps that inform us that she does not have a perfect operation.

Normally, it is some type of garbage that alters the frequency of the machine, but does not lead to a real danger for the patient since the alteration is extremely subtle.

However, it is true that a sound can be somewhat uncomfortable for the ear.

We deduce from this that listening for subtle beeps should not be warning signs. There is the circumstance, even, that many customers believe that if these beeps are not issued, it is not a quality machine.


What characteristics do the cavitation machines that are in the market have?

Cavitation machines vary depending on whether they are going to be used professionally, as in the case of aesthetic clinics, or if it will be for home use.

The home cavitation machines do not have the same characteristics and qualities as the professionals because they are offered at a lower price.

It does not mean that they are bad apparatuses, simply that the sessions can be lengthened more time so that the treatment has effect or that the useful life of these apparatuses is smaller.

Therefore, if you are going to choose a homemade cavitation machine it is best not to look for the cheapest ones.

The characteristic that both must have is that their power is between 30 and 100 kHz to be effective.

In addition, the ease of managing their controls should allow the client to control the greater or lesser intensity. This way, the machine will be better adapted to the needs of each one.