The most common and traditional method of fat loss is liposuction. However, liposuction is an invasive procedure.

If there is a wound, it will be painful, red and bruised. If you want to be thin and do not want to endure pain, what should you do?

You can choose the beauty equipment for bodybuilding and the most popular non-invasive lipo sculpture Coolsculpting or Cryolipolysis.


Fat Reduction Coolsculpting

What is the loss of frozen fat? In a non-invasive way, using a low temperature probe, the fat can not withstand low temperatures and naturally apoptotic, thus reducing local fat.

How does freezing and fat reduction work?

Using the characteristics of sensitive fat at low temperature, will initiate programmed cell death *, which is a phenomenon of natural apoptosis (Apoptosis).

After the treatment, the macrophages begin to enclose and digest the apoptotic fat, and gradually elimination in the body, so that the fat cells are reduced.

Coolsculpting Machine

1. Ceramic material with low heat transfer coefficient.
2. Good biocompatibility and stability.
3. The freezing probe and the ceramic coating form a protective film to protect the skin from damage.

1. Small size of the probe
2. The lower temperature probe, effectively reduces the fat, shortens the treatment time, it is more suitable for the petite oriental body
«The process of apoptosis of adipocytes / protects the epidermis and dermis

Coolsculpting Machine


What is CoolSculpting?

It is a clinically proven and non-invasive method for the non-invasive reduction of lipid thickness and sculptural curves.

Using a specific technology of low temperature and adapted time, the precise and effective non-invasive cryotherapy of adipose tissue leads to fat cells.

Natural apoptosis breaks down without damaging other surrounding tissues. One to three months after treatment, there will be a significant and permanent loss of fat at the treatment site.

When it comes to body sculpting, the first thing we think about is eating less and exercising more.

However, as we get older, our body’s metabolism slows down and we do not lose weight as soon as we are young, no matter how hard we exercise, such as the abdomen, thighs and waist.

There are large pieces of fat, and they have to do medical weight loss.

Currently, there are several slimming projects in the medical beauty market.

Among them, there are five non-invasive embossing instruments certified by the authorized organization (US FDA, EU CE Certification), namely, LipoContrast, Cryolipolysis, frozen fat Zimmer and UltraShape).

Liposonix, five they are beauty equipment for body size without non-invasive wounds.

The first three are frozen fat, and the last two are thermal grease. Fat soluble in thermal energy focuses mainly on pulse ultrasound, mechanically (non-thermally), specifically destroys subcutaneous fat cells at designated sites.

Does not damage the skin, blood vessels, nerves and connective tissues, and immediately dissolves fat, which increases the metabolic load of the liver.

The pain is evident during the operation and the client’s experience is not high.»

freeze fat


Main instruments to freeze fat

The basic principles of Spanish plastic beauty, American cold plastic and  frozen fat Zimmer are similar, since the fat cells in the subcutaneous tissue are rich in fatty acids and are particularly sensitive to low temperatures, while the cells of the adjacent tissue – vascular cells, peripheral nerve cells, melanin

Cells, fibroblasts or fat-deficient fat cells are less sensitive to low temperatures. This difference determines that at a specific low temperature (0-10 °), the fat cells are deactivated and other tissue cells have no effect, so they achieve freezing. The effect of lipolysis.

The most authoritative plastic surgery magazine, (Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery), also reported on an emerging technology article Criolipolisis for the reduction of fat and body contour, safety and efficacy of current treatment paradigms.



Cryolipolysis is a promising non-surgical method of fat reduction and formation, and it offers an attractive alternative to liposuction and other more invasive methods.

This method is safe in the short term, has few side effects and has a significant effect of reducing fat when used for local obesity.

The difference between these three frozen plastic instruments is that the cold plastic causes the fat cells to instantly crystallize at low temperature, and the cracking process starts several days after the treatment.

After 30 to 60 days, the cracking absorbs the frozen fat at low temperature and the fat cells naturally cause apoptosis due to the prolonged low temperature.

It uses the body’s natural metabolism of apoptotic fat to achieve the purpose of the sculpture. A treatment can eliminate more than 25% of the fat.

Extremely beautiful, it is the heat-cold-heat, the triple temperature, activates the fat cells and then accelerates the crystallization, and then reheats to promote the metabolism of the crystalline fat cells.

Partial fat was drained immediately and the other fats were removed from apoptosis within 2 to 3 weeks.

A course of treatment eliminates more than 35-45% of fat, compared to frozen fat, the effect increases by 40%, the principle of lipolysis is more advanced, the control of temperature is more precise and the effect Healing is more obvious.

cryo lipolisis

The results of beauty treatments are extremely beautiful in different ways, the treatments are suitable for multiple local fat loss (including fiber fat), and a single treatment usually lasts about 60 minutes.

Immediately after the treatment ends, the patient can move normally without any discomfort.

After treatment, the treatment area usually presents with some redness and numbness, which will basically disappear within a few hours after surgery. In special circumstances, there will be a slight redness, which usually goes away in a few days.

The Lipo frozen lipolysis system targets adipose tissue and freezes it in a temperature controlled environment for a long period of time (usually one hour). Non-invasive and can permanently reduce excess fat.

It is one of the latest body carving techniques. Frozen fat Zimmer is more comfortable and safe than the first two.

The fat dissolved by  Zimmer freezes only the fat without damaging the target of other tissues, producing mechanical waves similar to the resonance frequency of the fat cell membrane, breaking the fat cell membrane without damaging other tissues.

In addition, the combination of cryolysis, radiofrequency, ultrasound therapy and soft laser is successfully used. To avoid skin damage, a special gauze cushion should be placed at the treatment site during treatment.

After soluble frozen fat, with shock wave intensive painless treatment, not only to ensure a better fat disappear effect, prevent resistant postoperative, but also stimulate lymphatic drainage and firmness of the skin.


Cryotherapy Machine

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Shock wave

Cryolipolysis, lipolysis by injection and shock wave. Cryolipolysis is the loss of fat by freezing fat cells.

As the tests have shown, under the influence of cold, fat cells that are very sensitive to temperature die earlier than the skin surrounding fat cells, nerves, muscles and connective tissue. This effect is exploited to selectively treat fatty deposits.

The tissue histological reaction after cryolipolysis therapy was used to select the actual effective devices offered in the market.

Subsequently, tissue reaction after combination therapy (cryolipolysis, lipolysis by injection, shock wave) was also examined histologically.

Consistent with significantly improved clinical outcomes, this treatment combination is highly recommended for daily routine practice.

Cryolipolysis has shown in recent years that it is a very effective treatment technique for non-operative body contouring.

Since its first presentation by Dieter Manstein, apoptosis is known as the mechanism of fat cell reduction. This was proven by histological findings.

These studies indicate that after approximately 14 days, the damage to the adipocytes and the associated elimination reaction are better histologically observed.

In recent years, many devices have been approved in the market without showing the histological effect of the devices.

In several preliminary studies, we have histologically and clinically analyzed the effectiveness of several devices. Subsequently, the possible combinations of cryolipolysis with lipolysis by injection and radial shock wave were investigated.


Coolsculpting Review

Pathological study: before treatment and after 4 months, the ultrasound layer clearly showed a significant reduction in the fat layer, with an average reduction of 22.4%.

The results of the study showed that the use of shock wave therapy directly after cryolysis and the following four weeks of shock wave treatment can double the fat.

The percentage of fat reduction with / without vibration wave therapy was significant over a period of 8 weeks. In addition to the improvement in the reduction of fat, it also improves the firmness of the skin.


Cryo Lipo

Freeze Fat Cells, Frozen Fat Soluble mesotherapy instrument particularly suitable for current obese patients, body fat is not an ideal candidate, but is willing to reduce the local concentration of a fat such as the abdomen, flank, waist, hips and the arms, depending on the thickness of the fat and the desired therapeutic effect,

It usually takes 1 to 3 sessions (at least 30 days between the two sessions). The effect of freezing fat once is limited.

According to the thickness of the client’s body fat, it is recommended that the client perform a treatment 2-3 times, which can eliminate more than 25-45% of the fat. Although the efficiency is a bit worse than liposuction, the experience is really different.

The experience of cryoliposis is the same as any other experience. That is, in the cosmetic clinic, medical center or spa, it is performed for about 2 hours, you can really get rid of those persistent fats and have no effect on your life, work and social life after leaving the center of aesthetics.

From the level of experience, just go to the beauty salon to do a massage treatment.

Therefore, frozen fat is counted as the gospel of those who do not want to exercise a lot and can not make the determination to perform liposuction.


Liposuction Bodytite

Liposuction with negative pressure, hydrodynamic liposuction, RF bodytite liposuction, fat soluble in fiber, frozen fat in the end, which is better?

During the consultation process, there are often questions about which liposuction method is good for the guests.

When the guests know that I mainly use negative pressure liposuction, ask me: as a doctor who has focused on liposuction, why not?

Use hydrodynamic liposuction with less damage, why not use fiber and RF that can tighten the skin? Even customers ask me why they do not use cold non-invasive, plastic, frozen fat.

Liposuction surgery seems to be simple, but it is a very demanding project for doctors. Any type of equipment is used as an auxiliary means to help doctors complete the operation.

The effect that can be achieved depends ultimately on the doctor’s operation.

Each instrument will focus on promoting its merits in propaganda, but no matter how invasive and powerful the so-called new technology and high-tech propaganda, it will eventually have to use the effect to speak.

As an orthopedic surgeon based on liposuction, if I have a more efficient liposuction procedure, I will try it for the first time, be it hydrodynamic liposuction or fiber, RF fat, etc.

I use it. Very skillful Here are the positions of doctors to talk about various popular fat reduction technologies in the market


Liposuction Surgery

Liposuction with negative pressure, combined with anesthesia with swelling, using a professional metal pipette to insert it into the skin through a small incision in the skin, through the liposuction device with negative pressure, the fat is extracted.

Currently, standard liposuction technology remains a negative pressure, and negative pressure liposuction is also the most mature and most used method.

Liposuction with negative pressure is safe and controllable, and the effect is remarkable. For experienced doctors, small damages can be achieved without irregularities.

Hydrodynamic liposuction

The hydrodynamic liposuction is based on negative pressure, the pressure increases the efficiency of flow separation adipocytes can be the side edge suction color, it can reduce the possibility of damage to blood vessels and nerves.

But the damage caused by liposuction ultimately depends on the doctor who operates it, not on the hydrodynamic equipment used.

Experienced doctors can do less damage, whether they are doing negative or hydrodynamic pressure.

From the doctor’s point of view, hydrodynamic liposuction is pumped while water is sprayed.

To some extent, the flow of pressurized water will interfere with the physician’s judgment of the thickness of the fat and increase the operating time.

It takes time and effort, and the effect is not related to negative pressure liposuction. How big is the difference?



The principle is to penetrate the fiber of the skin, thermal effects, light laser lipolysis, how to uniform fat cells or excrete naturally excrete.

However, fat soluble in fiber is not suitable for the loss of body fat in large areas, only for thin areas with small areas and fat thickness, such as facial liposuction.

However, fat soluble in fiber is also necessary for operating doctors, otherwise, it will easily burn the skin and results will not be easy to achieve.


RF fusion fat, stories like the body, similar to fiber optics. Under the action of the 40.68MHZ high frequency electric field.

The use of radio frequency causes the pathways and body elements to vibrate and rub together to produce a thermal effect, thus achieving the purpose of heating the collagen tissue and promoting The apoptosis of fat cells.

In addition to the ability to dissolve the point fat, RF lipolysis can also promote the proliferation of subcutaneous collagen, so that the skin of the part that dissolves in the fat is tensed.

For those with loose skin, for the ideal effect, you must first absorb the fat through liposuction of the negative pressure, then use the RF to scan for the rise and stretch of the skin.


Fat Reduction

Frozen fat-soluble or (Cryolipolysis), is a selective and non-invasive method for local fat reduction technology, by selective cooling, to achieve the purpose of removing fat cells.

Such as cold plastic, excellent plastic and so on. This type of non-invasive method is usually inefficient and expensive.

It is more suitable for people with financial capacity and who do not want surgery. Even if the effect is poor, they can be done several times.

In summary, the liposuction device is only a minor part of liposuction and it is impossible to exaggerate the role of the new instrument. The important thing is the influence of the liposuction doctor.

A good liposuction doctor will choose the right technology and equipment according to the specific situation of the guests, and will know how to combine the instruments to achieve the desired results and minimize the trauma and risk.

How are fat cells metabolized after treatment?

During treatment, once fat cells are exposed to specific hypothermia, they cause natural apoptosis of fat cells and cause the release of cytokines and other inflammatory mediators.

A few months after treatment, the inflammatory cells gradually remove fat cells that are destroyed by hypothermia and are metabolized by the lymphatic system to transport the liver, which is similar to the breakdown of fat in food. Since the process of lipid clearance is gradual, it does not adversely affect blood lipids or liver function.


How is the treatment process performed? What will I feel?

At the time of treatment, it will be cleaned in the treatment department, and then a gel protector will be applied to protect the skin, then the therapeutic device will be started and the tissue will be attracted to the position of the cooling plate.

You will feel the sensation of throwing and refreshing; As a part it will be numb. The entire treatment period is based on the individual treatment range, and each individual treatment time is one hour.

Can I resume normal activities after receiving treatment?

If the whole procedure does not require anesthesia and it is not necessary to open the knife. In general terms, normal activity can be resumed immediately after the end of treatment.

In some patients, the treatment site may have redness, bruising, swelling, tingling and numbness, which are only temporary and disappear soon after 1-8 weeks.

In general, a large percentage of patients can return to their daily lives or work after treatment.


How long will it take me to see the results?

Changes can be felt after 3 weeks of treatment, during which time your body is still metabolizing fat cells to achieve the most significant effect after 1-3 months of treatment.

How much fat can I subtract?

Coolsculpting is a curvilinear sculpture treatment that reduces the thickness of the fat of a partially annoying scorpion.

In more than 800 clinical trials, almost all subtract 20% from a single session. % fat thickness, the average value is 22.4%.

How many treatments do I need?

According to the experience of living and living, the majority of clients generally only need to receive a treatment, the fat will be significantly reduced.

If you and your doctor think that you can also lose more fat, you can receive multiple treatments according to your individual needs.

How long can the effect of the treatment last? Its permanent?

Doctors recommend that the reduction of frozen fat be adequate for subcutaneous fat for local sculpture. If you want to eliminate visceral fat, you need to rely on exercise and diet.

With the adjustment of diet and exercise to lose weight and then with cryotherapy, the curve of the sculpture has become obvious. The effect after the treatment varies according to the personal life, the alimentary habits and the physical one.

How effective is this method compared to invasive procedures such as liposuction?

CoolSculpting is not as fast and intense as invasive procedures, such as liposuction. However, CoolSculpting is the best option for patients who want to avoid the pain of surgery, the risk of anesthesia and wait for recovery time.

Frozen fat

Non-invasive, no bleeding, no sputum, no recovery period! Reduce the thickness of the fat layer of the waist and abdomen.

For many beauty lovers, losing weight and losing weight is always a protracted war, but the diet and exercise weight loss program requires not only strong willpower but also slow results.

However, in the 21st century, where the whole country is crazy, it is no longer difficult to lose weight. The innovative non-invasive sculpture «Coolsculpting Technology», also known as «Frozen fat reduction technology» is currently being presented. This technology has obtained CE and FDA certification.

In the United States it has been pobado The effectiveness of the treatment varies from person to person, the content of the text is only for reference, the real situation must be diagnosed and evaluated by a professional doctor.


Fat Removal Procedures

No pain, non-invasive, can help reduce the thickness of the fat layer. «Coolsculpting» is a feature that uses grease to be cold-resistant and self-depleting. It can act selectively on fat cells at a temperature of 4 ° C to 5 ° C.

The spontaneous apoptotic mechanism of fat cells is gently excreted by the body’s metabolism, so it does not cause a burden on the body’s metabolism.

In general, the «Coolsculpting cooling system» can reduce the thickness of the fat in a single operation, and the effect can be seen in approximately two to four months.

Natural sculpture is difficult to use in the belly and waist and enjoy the beauty of the body. Scope of application: Cooler Plastic Flat is suitable for persistent fats such as waist, abdomen, back.

Because you do not need to open the knife, you do not see blood, you do not need anesthesia and it does not affect the daily routine, so it is especially suitable for busy jobs.

Modern people who have less vacation and more activities are like the «Coolsculpting Cooling System», which has been widely used by Europeans and artists in the near future.

The coolest plastic flat system, formerly known as frozen fat reduction treatment, is a high-tech program developed by Harvard Medical Team Technology and Zeltiq. It is a very advanced and safe technology.

Invasive technology does not require the use of analgesics and anesthetics, which is why it is widely used in weight loss treatments in Europe and the United States, but it is not recommended for pregnant women, cold urticaria and people sensitive to low temperatures.


Is cryogenic fat soluble?

The principle of cryolysis: the destruction of obese cells caused by low temperature. With instruments to dissolve frozen fat. It is possible to show that «freezing» can cause damage to fat cells.

According to common sense, freezing can cause damage to animal or human tissues.

Many films that show the polar life, the characters in the game accidentally remove the gloves and, in the environment of extremely low temperature, the fingers freeze and damage the necrosis in a short time.

cause hypoxic-ischemic freezing within the organization, if the return to normal temperature environment, perfusion of tissue to freezing, can cause severe inflammation, which is the famous «reperfusion injury.

If you add low temperature to the fat cells, of course, it can cause damage to the obese cells.

But the question is, how does the skin protect the freezing of the fat layer without allowing the temperature of the skin to fall too much to avoid freezing?

How to ensure that when the temperature drops reaches the layer of fat, it will not damage the blood vessels, nerves and nearby muscles?

The way in which frozen fat dissolves The frozen fat dissolving machine aims to be able to achieve: a non-invasive and painless local fat removal machine.

The principle is to use the probe to suck the skin and subcutaneous fat from the abdomen, and the two ends of the probe suck the heat to cool.

When the temperature is lowered, the temperature of the skin and fat will decrease, but after the fat cools, microcrystalline crystals will form, which will cause an inflammatory reaction, the cells will dissolve and the immune cells will swallow it. The effect can be seen after three months.


What is the effect of freezing fat?

Fat freezing is a new technology that uses the effects of cooling and energy absorption to cause inflammation of adipose tissue and removes fat cells swollen through an immune response.

According to reports, the dissolution of frozen fat can reduce the shallow adipose tissue, and the reduced thickness can reach 20 ~ 25%.

In foreign studies, one treatment can achieve approximately 20% of the effect, and the second treatment can achieve between 23 and 25% of the effect, but if it does next time, there is no way to have more effects.

The part of the superficial fat can reduce the fat in approximately a quarter of the entire course of the treatment. It is one of the methods of carving for a small amount of fat. It has clinical importance for the effect of the thin abdomen.

The effect of this frozen fat is as good as traditional liposuction. Fat freezing is a non-invasive method of sculpture, usually seen after the first use, and a second or more use can only produce a slight lipolysis.

The FDA of the United States has not approved the use of frozen «lipids».
There are many methods and instruments for in vitro lipolysis. The dissolution of frozen fat is an instrument that has been on the market in recent years.

The US FDA UU It only approves the use of the frozen fat dissolving instrument for cooling the skin, and does not approve the use of «lipid dissolution», and the Taiwan Health Department has a position to freeze the fat dissolution.

The manufacturers claim to have a lipolysis effect, which actually only dissolves a small amount of fat.

For people who can not have surgery, or people who only have to deal with a small amount of adipose tissue, cryolysis is another option.


Liposuction surgery

pigmentation: this is because the suction is very thin and causes ischemia in the skin, especially in the calf and abdomen.

The skin of the surgery area is uneven: the liposuction is not absolutely uniform, so there will be different degrees of irregularity in the area of ​​the operation after the surgery.

Wound infection: If the suction tube is not blocked when entering and leaving the incision, the negative pressure will increase the damage of the incision, which can cause an infection in the wound.

Surgical skin necrosis: If the subcutaneous fat surgery sucked off too much damage to the blood circulation of the skin, the skin may appear blisters or necrosis, and scar.

Chronic pain: this is due to abrupt operation or inadequate design of the incision and hyperplasia of the subcutaneous scar, which manifests mainly as radiation pain, especially at night.

If fat particles enter human organs during liposuction, there will be complications such as lung stagnation, stagnation of the heart and direct danger to life.

The liposuction number of fat cells will be reduced, but the volume increases, recovery is still possible, although liposuction can also be done again, but the surgical site has fibrosis, and each time after liposuction they have become more difficult to do.

Bleeding: Liposuction is a trauma that damages the capillaries and small blood vessels and causes bleeding.

Due to the use of expansion fluid plus proper functioning, bleeding is very small, most of them are within 100 ml, there is no blood transfusion or infusion.

After liposuction, the flow contains a small amount of blood, which is significantly reduced after 24 hours, so do not worry.

Dizziness, nausea: a small part of the reason is the spirit of patients who are too nervous, especially due to surgery for a long time, a large variety of liposuction, the amount of absorption of anesthesia, little bleeding, Sudden standing causes orthostatic hypotension caused.

At this time, you should lie down in bed, avoid slamming doors and relieve it in a short time. If the reaction is severe, contact the doctor to facilitate timely treatment.

Hematoma, edema: the hematoma is due to a vascular lesion after the concentration of bleeding, liposuction surgery after blood pressure to stop bleeding.

Edema is caused by a reaction after tissue damage or a dressing that compresses the blood vessels in the joint, resulting in poor venous return.

Seroma is caused by poor drainage of bodily fluids and uneven pressure. The hematoma and seroma should be removed by suction and adequate compression. The edema can disappear slowly and recover.

Skin Relaxation: Most young and middle-aged subjects undergo elastic retraction after liposuction, and skin relaxation does not occur.

For loosening the skin similar to an apron before liposuction, loose skin can be removed after liposuction, which is safe and effective.



Adjust the skin of the face and around the eyes,
correct deeper wrinkles, smooth
the irregularities of the skin,

What is the purpose of the Plasma Pen?

Plasma Pen is a revolutionary treatment for thin skin stretching with very good results and completely without surgery. The treatment is almost completely painless and can work throughout the body.

The treatment is used effectively against eyelids and bags under the eyes. The treatment is also effective against the correction of deeper wrinkles, fine lines, irregular skin, age spots and some pigment spots.

What areas can be Treated?

Basically, you can treat your face with Plasma Pen, but the most common areas are eyelids, crows, eyebrows, smokers, skin jumps, etc.

Plasmapen After

Avoid using cosmetic products for at least 3 days after treatment.
Avoid all direct heat sources, ie the sun, UV radiation, sauna, etc. for at least two weeks.

Be careful not to rub the crusts / discoloration that form during the first 5-7 days. Usually, they fall within a week.
Use any black sunscreen product with 50 spf. The results may vary because each individual is different. Take a lot of water

Take additional supplements of vitamin C and other vitamins. Only use white petrolatum during the first week, as you can start with your favorite product for skin care.

Who does not Adjust to the Treatment?

Patients who do not qualify for this treatment are those who have been treated with cortisone injection in the treatment area in the last month, in addition, the patients with:

  • Cancer: special if you have had bone marrow (hematopoietic) cancer.
  • Infections,
  • Active or systemic hepatitis.
  • The pregnancy.
  • Allergy to common anesthesia.
  • Autoimmune diseases.
  • Damage to the skin that results in an abnormal production of cell proliferation.