CoolSculpting or cryolipolysis, is a non-surgical body remodeling procedure. A plastic surgeon uses a device to freeze fat cells under the skin.

Once the fat cells have been destroyed, the liver breaks them down and gradually eliminates them from the body.
Most CoolSculpting sessions last about an hour and cost about $ 1,000 per treatment area.

CoolSculping is a relatively new technique, approved only by the FDA in 2012. CoolSculpting and Cryolipolysis are registered trademarks.

Although the number of independent clinical research studies supporting the procedure is relatively small, CoolSculpting reduces the amount of fat cells in the treatment area by 20 to 25%.

Most people begin to notice the effects a few days after the procedure, but the results often take between 1 and 4 months.

coolsculpting risk


What are the risks?

CoolSculpting involves freezing fat cells to shape the body. This is a relatively new procedure.

Although research is still limited, CoolSculpting is generally regarded as a type of fat reduction surgery safer and less invasive than traditional procedures such as liposuction.

Most people do not feel anything during the procedure, except for a jerkiness when the skin is between the two cooling panels of the device.

Since the procedure does not require any cutting, tissue manipulation or anesthesia, most people do not need any recovery time and can resume normal activities immediately.

The only noticeable side effects of the procedure tend to be minor and occur only around the treatment area.

Most minor side effects diminish or disappear a few days or weeks after the procedure.

However, it is normal for you to feel numbness or loss of sensation in the treatment area for about a month.


Side effects

  • Rojez
  • The firmness
  • Pinch sensation
  • Minor swelling
  • The sensibility
  • Bruising
  • Scourge
  • Thrilled
  • Numbness
  • Sensitivity of the skin
  • Mild to moderate pain
  • Muscle cramps

A person may continue to experience these side effects for a few weeks after the procedure.
Other common side effects that a person may feel in the first few weeks after CoolSculpting

Itching, especially a few days after the procedure
diarrhea, since dead fat cells are eliminated from the body.

A feeling of fullness in the throat after treatments involving the neck or chin area.



Additional considerations

It is important to choose an experienced plastic surgeon and to properly assess patients.

The risk of side effects and complications often depends on the health professional performing the procedure.

People should make sure to choose an experienced and trusted professional, such as a dermatologist or plastic surgeon.

Individuals can do this by searching for local options and asking questions before engaging in the process.

Because CoolSculpting is relatively new, the magnitude of the risks, side effects and complications associated with the procedure is still unknown.

A study conducted in 2017, which examined all research documents available in two major medical research databases, revealed only 320 studies related to the terms cold carving, cryolipolysis, fat freezing and lipocrolysis.

Since it is relatively new, few health professionals know the procedure or have a lot of experience.

CoolSculpting is also approved and recognized for its effectiveness in many areas of the body.

The areas of the body in which CoolSculpting is considered safe and effective in eliminating minor fat deposits include:

  • Abdomen
  • Thighs
  • Under the chin or the upper part of the neck
  • The flanks
  • Under the armpit
  • Behind
  • Buttocks and under buttocks

Who should avoid it?

CoolSculpting is considered a safe and effective way to reduce the amount of fat cells in a small target area.

It is not considered a form of weight loss and is not recommended for the treatment of obesity.

The procedure is designed to help dissolve persistent fat cells that are usually reduced only by diet and exercise.

People with weakened immune systems are not ideal candidates for surgical procedures such as CoolSculpting. People with certain conditions that weaken or alter the body’s ability to cope with cold can also experience serious medical complications.

The conditions that exclude the use of CoolSculpting are as follows:

Pregnancy, attempted pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Cryoglobulinemia, a disorder in which abnormally high levels of protein are found which generally increase only in response to cold

Cold agglutinin, an autoimmune disease where the change in temperature kills red blood cells
paroxysmal hemoglobinuria due to cold, a condition in which red blood cells die due to temperature changes.

Raynaud’s disease, enfilblains, Reduced circulation or sensation of the skin in the area to be treated.
Nervous disorders, such as diabetic neuropathy
Skin disorders related to the immune system, such as eczema and psoriasis.

Inflammatory conditions of the skin, such as dermatitis and urticaria.

Recent injuries to the skin to be treated, including scar tissue

Prolonged use of drugs to thin the blood
Bleeding conditions that fluidify the blood.

history of a hernia or hernia in or near the treatment area

Active and implanted medical devices, such as pacemakers.

Propylene glycol or isopropyl alcohol allergy, chronic pain states, severe anxiety disorders

What are the rare long-term effects?

Man suffering from pain in the mouth, tongue, teeth and cheeks.
Reduced tongue and lip movement, as well as dry mouth are the possible side effects of CoolSculpting on the neck and chin.

In very rare cases, the fat cells react to the enlargement of CoolSculpting instead of dying. This condition is called fat hyperplasia paradoxical.

A study conducted in 2014 indicated that the incidence of PAHs with CoolSculpting is currently estimated at about 0.0051%.

Researchers do not really know why PAH occurs, but most people who develop this disease are men.

Although PAH causes no symptoms other than a change in physical appearance, only surgery can reverse it.

Extra rare complications that may occur after CoolSculpting include:

pain that begins several days after treatment and usually disappears when the numbness disappears or after about a month
Scars or changes in skin color.

Movement or reduced response of the tongue after procedures involving the neck or chin.

Muscle weakness of the lower lip after interventions involving the neck or chin
Reduction of saliva production and dry mouth after procedures involving the chin or neck.

Freezing or first and second degree freezing burns.

Dizziness, dizziness, sweating, painting, nausea and redness.

Hyperpigmentation or dark discoloration of the skin that often disappears on its own.

Subcutaneous induration, generalized hardness or specific hard nodules that develop in the treated area and may be painful. Abrupt and undesirable changes in fat layers.


What are the positive results?

One of the benefits of CoolSculpting is that, unlike diet and exercise, fat cells are destroyed and eliminated from the body.

This means that the same fat cells can not come back or increase with weight gain.

CoolSculpting has several other advantages:
It is a low risk procedure for most people.

The skin barrier is not broken or compromised, eliminating most risks of complications, such as infections and scars.

There are few side effects or reported results.
There is no need to take a break from work or daily activities after.

The results seem natural, as they develop gradually in the weeks following surgery.

It can help people who have lost weight or have a healthy weight, but still have excess fat in some areas.

There is less risk of gaining weight and the results are sustainable because the fat cells are destroyed and eliminated from the body.

The risk of bumps or bumps on the skin is low because the fat cells are destroyed uniformly in a skin patch.

In general, the procedure can help increase self-confidence, especially when combined with weight loss through healthy eating and exercise.



It is a non-invasive treatment that reduces fat in vitro. The principle is to use a low temperature probe in vitro, so that body fat can not withstand the low temperature and crystallize apoptosis.

Reduce the thickness of the fat layer, achieve the purpose of reducing fat, have excellent comfort and almost no recovery period of the treatment characteristics.

Who is not suitable for freezing cold plastic and reducing fat?
• Patients with cryoglobulinemia.

• Patients with paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria.

• Patients with cold agglutinin syndrome.

• Pregnancy or breast-feeding

Frequently asked questions about cold plastic freezing fat reduction treatment


What is CoolSculpting?

A. It is a clinically proven method for noninvasive non-invasive reduction of lipid thickness and sculpture curve.

The accurate and effective non-invasive hypothermic treatment of adipose tissue leads to the natural apoptotic breakdown of fat cells without harming others.

Peripheral organization. One to three months after treatment, there will be a significant and permanent loss of fat at the treatment site.


How are fat cells metabolized after treatment?

A. During the course of treatment, once fat cells are exposed to specific hypothermia, they cause natural apoptosis of fat cells and cause the release of cytokines and other inflammatory mediators.

Within a few months after treatment, the inflammatory cells gradually remove fat cells that are destroyed by hypothermia and are metabolized by the lymphatic system to the liver, which is similar to the breakdown of fat in food.

Since the process of lipid clearance is gradual, it does not adversely affect blood lipids or liver function.

How is the treatment process performed? How will you feel?

During the treatment, it will be cleaned at the treatment site, then the patented protective gel will be added to protect the skin, then the therapeutic device will be started, the tissue will be attracted to the cooling plate and it will be felt in the first minutes.

The feeling of tight pull and cooling, the part will be numb due to the low temperature, you can watch TV programs, read and even take a nap according to your personal preferences.

The entire treatment period is based on the individual treatment range, and each individual treatment time is one hour.

Can I resume normal activities immediately after receiving treatment?

Yes All the procedure does not require anesthesia and it is not necessary to open the knife. In general terms, normal activity can be resumed immediately after the end of treatment.

In some patients, the treatment site may have redness, bruising, swelling, tingling and numbness, which are temporary and will gradually disappear after 1 to 8 weeks.

In general, a large percentage of patients can return immediately to their daily lives or work after treatment.

How long does it take to see the results?

You can feel the change after 3 weeks of treatment. During this time, your body is still metabolizing fat cells continuously, and the most significant effect will occur after 1 to 3 months of treatment.

How much fat can I subtract from each treatment?

In more than 800 clinical trials, almost all subtracted 20% -25% of the thickness of the fat in a single treatment, with an average of 22.4%.

How many times does CoolSculpting Cooling and Fat Loss Treatment take?

According to past experience, most customers only need to receive a treatment, the fat will be significantly reduced.

If you and your doctor think that you can also lose more fat, you can receive multiple treatments according to your individual needs.

Do I need to take special nutritional supplements, strictly control my diet or make a plan?

You do not need to take any nutritional supplement or exercise strict control of diet and exercise.

Many clients will have a greater motivation to stay after receiving the cold plastic fat reduction treatment.

It’s like they have a satisfying body again, so they’ll want to take good care of themselves and start a different lifestyle.

How long can the treatment last? Its permanent?

After receiving the loss of cold plastic grease, the fat cells will be removed at the treatment site. As long as you can maintain it through normal eating and exercise habits, you should be able to maintain a long-term and stable treatment.

How effective is this method compared to invasive liposuction?

The effectiveness of cold plastic freezing and fat reduction is not as fast and intense as the invasive liposuction procedure.

However, for those who want to avoid the pain of surgery, the risk of anesthesia and wait for recovery time, Cool Plastics is the best option for fat reduction.